Building Confidence

Your tutorial allowed me to feel much more at ease and helped build the confidence I needed. - Erin B. (English Teacher) More »

Enthusiasm for Technology

Your enthusiasm for technology usage helps motivate me to try more in my own classroom. - Jeff B. (Freshman Teacher) More »

Engaging Students

You have helped me find ways of incorporating technology into my classroom that I didn’t even know existed. This technology has helped to engage my students as well as reinvigorate me as an instructor. - Kenny B. (Social Studies Teacher) More »

Lots of Information

Thanks so much for all the info, lots to dig through and learn fast! - Jessica T. (High School Teacher) More »

The Courage to Try Something New

You gave me the courage to try something new in my classroom. And it worked! - Margaret P. (Advanced Placement Teacher) More »


We Should All Teach Kindergarten

The students who show up in my classroom are juniors and seniors in high school, and they’ve been told that these are the best years of their lives. But I bet if you asked them, most would say that Kindergarten

Sometimes You Gotta Let the Berries Grow

Three years ago I planted a garden. Well, two really. Side by side in a small clearing in the woods behind our house. Last year I accidentally buried and killed the strawberries in one garden, but we got 8 times

Plan Like a Surgeon (#PLSHelp)

I participated in the #TLAP chat after the University School of Milwaukee Summer Spark event. Question 4 from Dave Burgess asked something about the best kind of session at the best kind of conference. With his earlier comments about “pimping

A Commitment to “Newbies”

I met so many interesting and inspirational people recently at EdCamp Leader (#edcampldr) in Chicago, IL and FlipCon 2015 (#flipcon15) in East Lansing, MI. And I have so many blog posts to write that are now waiting in line inside

Student Blogs: Why?

I had the rewarding opportunity to talk with FACE Teacher Erin F. about blogging options for her students. She said that her students were taking pictures of the food creations they were making in her classes, and sharing them online.

#30SecondTake March Madness Competition

Vote early and vote often for @jbretzmann at #30SecondTake or any other educator who resonates with you as we answer the question, “What’s the greatest Cinderella Story yet to be told in education?” from @GustafsonBrad  

10 Minute Tuneup

When the going gets tough (#March), the tough get going (#10MinuteTuneup). It’s that time of year when students are burned out because they’ve worked hard, and they have not had a break for a while. Winter break is a historic

Google n’ More conference in Waukegan, IL (1-24-15)

Presentation Visuals: Use This Flipping Technology Backchannel: Handouts: CONFERENCE LINK: “Use This Flipping Technology” Whether in a Flipped or more traditional classroom, learning can be enhanced, expanded, and made more engaging with the intentional use of the best EdTech

Use This Flipping Technology (SLATE)

Use This Flipping Technology (share) Whether in a Flipped or more traditional classroom, learning can be enhanced, expanded, and more engaging with the intentional use of the best EdTech tools. We’ll share our experiences with tools for creating, curating, and

#30SecondTake Number 3 or Episode #13 !

My take on the digital do’s in education plus one don’t. A quick video about Do Do! 🙂