Building Confidence

\\\\\\\"Your tutorial allowed me to feel much more at ease and helped build the confidence I needed.\\\\\\\" - Erin B. (English Teacher) More »

Enthusiasm for Technology

\\\\\\\"Your enthusiasm for technology usage helps motivate me to try more in my own classroom.\\\\\\\" - Jeff B. (Freshman Teacher) More »

Engaging Students

\\\\\\\"You have helped me find ways of incorporating technology into my classroom that I didn’t even know existed. This technology has helped to engage my students as well as reinvigorate me as an instructor.\\\\\\\" - Kenny B. (Social Studies Teacher) More »

Lots of Information

\\\\\\\"Thanks so much for all the info, lots to dig through and learn fast!\\\\\\\" - Jessica T. (High School Teacher) More »

The Courage to Try Something New

\\\\\\\"You gave me the courage to try something new in my classroom. And it worked!\\\\\\\" - Margaret P. (Advanced Placement Teacher) More »


International #patioPD Day!

International #patiopd Day July 14!

Below How to organize & create a great #personalizedPD experience ON YOUR PATIO!
And your “patio” can be anywhere.

This is not your usual Professional Development, but it should be. It’s on my Patio (and maybe yours).

Principles of PatioPD:
1. We like learning together
2. We like our families
3. Breaking bread and camaraderie enhance creativity
4. Informal, personalized, low-stress professional development is useful, powerful, and energizing.
5. Sharing and learning exactly what we need honors professionals and learners
6. Learning collectively builds community right near us, while connecting us world-wide

Let’s get together on everyone’s patios to make this happen! 


International #patioPD Day Resources:
Frequently Asked Questions
#patioPD Checklist
Map Showing #patioPD Locations (add yours…here’s how)
International #patioPD Day List of Locations (add yours)
Email Invite Templates
RSVP Form Template to Copy
Possible Topics to Start the Conversation

For more information, please check out the #personalizedPD book at


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