Building Confidence

Your tutorial allowed me to feel much more at ease and helped build the confidence I needed. - Erin B. (English Teacher) More »

Enthusiasm for Technology

Your enthusiasm for technology usage helps motivate me to try more in my own classroom. - Jeff B. (Freshman Teacher) More »

Engaging Students

You have helped me find ways of incorporating technology into my classroom that I didn’t even know existed. This technology has helped to engage my students as well as reinvigorate me as an instructor. - Kenny B. (Social Studies Teacher) More »

Lots of Information

Thanks so much for all the info, lots to dig through and learn fast! - Jessica T. (High School Teacher) More »

The Courage to Try Something New

You gave me the courage to try something new in my classroom. And it worked! - Margaret P. (Advanced Placement Teacher) More »


Flipping with Kirch: The Ups and Downs from Inside My Flipped Classroom

2016-03-12_1053As a pioneer of flipped learning, Crystal Kirch opened her classroom experiences to the entire world of education. Through her blog at, Crystal shared what she and her students did every step of the way. Most activities worked exactly as planned, and sometimes Crystal learned right along with her students how to make flipped learning better. Wild successes and challenging setbacks…Crystal shared them all.

While she shared, Crystal inspired a generation of flipclass teachers to give flipping a try, keep at it, or continue on to their next iteration of their flipping journey.

Now Crystal Kirch shares all her experiences again in one extensive book. With new ideas, updated information, and precise connections to the best pedagogical practices, she shares her practical strategies to transform teaching and learning.

Look inside the classroom of an accomplished flipped learning practitioner. See what can work and understand what to avoid as you enhance your flipping journey by Flipping with Kirch.

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With a Foreword by Flipped Learning Pioneer Jon Bergmann

6″X9″. 218 pages. Featuring vignettes from #flipclass teachers Lindsay ColeLindsay StephensonAudrey McLaren, and Tara Maynard.

Published by the Bretzmann Group
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