Building Confidence

Your tutorial allowed me to feel much more at ease and helped build the confidence I needed. - Erin B. (English Teacher) More »

Enthusiasm for Technology

Your enthusiasm for technology usage helps motivate me to try more in my own classroom. - Jeff B. (Freshman Teacher) More »

Engaging Students

You have helped me find ways of incorporating technology into my classroom that I didn’t even know existed. This technology has helped to engage my students as well as reinvigorate me as an instructor. - Kenny B. (Social Studies Teacher) More »

Lots of Information

Thanks so much for all the info, lots to dig through and learn fast! - Jessica T. (High School Teacher) More »

The Courage to Try Something New

You gave me the courage to try something new in my classroom. And it worked! - Margaret P. (Advanced Placement Teacher) More »


Creating and Designing the Flipped Classroom (Grad Course)

(3 Grad Credits)

Week 1 – An Introduction to Flipping
– Explore several videos and consider important questions on Flipping for you and your
students. Locate resources, discuss pros and cons, develop your initial reflections on Flipped


Week 2 – Where could this fit in my curriculum?

– Utilize a curriculum guide or scope and sequence to assess where Flipping would be
beneficial for your students, provide rationale for selected lessons, and determine where and
how you could get started. Consider what you would do inside and outside of the classroom.

Week 3 – Video Capture
– Explore the best video creation tools. Create an initial video lesson and share with classmates.


Week 4 – The “Other” Educational Technology
– A brief overview of other educational technology tools that are useful when flipping. Tools to
engage students inside and outside of class (including tools to locate videos, store content,
collaborate, and create).

Week 5 – Reflection
– Explain what you would/will do and your plan for your class using the Flipped Classroom
mindset. Reflect on what you still need to learn.


Click here to see the full syllabus: MTI 568



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