Building Confidence

Your tutorial allowed me to feel much more at ease and helped build the confidence I needed. - Erin B. (English Teacher) More »

Enthusiasm for Technology

Your enthusiasm for technology usage helps motivate me to try more in my own classroom. - Jeff B. (Freshman Teacher) More »

Engaging Students

You have helped me find ways of incorporating technology into my classroom that I didn’t even know existed. This technology has helped to engage my students as well as reinvigorate me as an instructor. - Kenny B. (Social Studies Teacher) More »

Lots of Information

Thanks so much for all the info, lots to dig through and learn fast! - Jessica T. (High School Teacher) More »

The Courage to Try Something New

You gave me the courage to try something new in my classroom. And it worked! - Margaret P. (Advanced Placement Teacher) More »


About Us

Helping you choose the right technology to engage students in the flipped and traditional classroom.

As fellow educators who practice our craft daily, we know that technology is a useful tool to engage learners. We recognize that as teachers, administrators, and school boards it can be overwhelming to keep up with the latest educational technology in addition to your other responsibilities.

The Bretzmann Group’s mission is to guide you to choosing the right technology tools to engage your students in every learning community so that you can focus on taking your students to their highest potential.


Jason Bretzmann
Jason Bretzmann is an award-winning social studies teacher, Innovation Integrator, and national speaker from Wisconsin. He has delivered engaging and practical presentations throughout the United States and in Canada on flipped learning, personalized professional development, and effective educational technology use. He is co-author and publisher of “Flipping 2.0: Practical Strategies for Flipping Your Class,” and “Personalized PD: Flipping Your Professional Development.” He also founded and consults with The Bretzmann Group on flipclass, personalized PD, and edtech strategies. Jason has been learning with his students and encouraging innovation since the mid-’90s.

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Kenny Bosch
Kenny Bosch has been an educator and coach since 1999 earning his Master’s Degree in Education through the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse as part of their blended education program, and has taught A.P. U.S. History, U.S. History and World History. Since 2012 he has been an educational consultant and has presented at local seminars and workshops. He is co-author of the award-winning book “Flipping 2.0: Practical Strategies for Flipping Your Class.” Kenny was named the 2013 “Outstanding Educator” by Lawrence University for his ability to connect with and inspire students. He is a Doceri certified teacher.


Chuck Taft
Since having eighth graders create websites in 1997, Chuck Taft has been on the cutting edge of incorporating technology into his class and curriculum – and helping other teachers do the same. From leading the way for all faculty members to design classroom web pages in 1999 to presenting on technology at local, state, and national conferences to instructing undergraduate and graduate students in face-to-face and online situations, Chuck demonstrates the ability to weave student-centered learning with innovative technology integration. As a department chair and academic dean. Chuck has served as a mentor for both young and veteran teachers in curriculum development and technology development. Always looking for the best application of technology, Chuck seeks to make a difference and serve both the student and the teacher to meet the most important goal of education – learning.

Chuck has a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, a B.S in Education with an emphasis in social studies, and a B.A. In both History and Political Science. He also serves as an adjunct professor at Cardinal Stritch University, writing curriculum and teaching classes in social studies methods and a variety of technology topics.


Josh Gauthier
Ever passionate about how we can better educate children, Josh Gauthier is always looking for new ways to engage students. As a former Business Educator, he taught from 3rd grade all the way to 12th grade. Josh is currently a technology training specialist for the School District of De Pere and is excited about influencing teacher collaboration and having a greater impact on student achievement. Josh has participated in several Edcamps, and has presented at conferences such as the Chicago Apps Summit, SLATE, WEMTA, ICE-CAP, TIES and the Midwest Google Summit. Ultimately, Josh wants to see every student succeed and strives for himself and others to use technology to improve learning for all.

Josh graduated in the top 25 of his college class, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing Education from the University of Wisconsin – Stout, with a minor in Business Administration.  He is also a Google for Education Trainer and a Google Certified Innovator. Currently, Josh is a part time guest host on the TechEducator podcast through and contributor to He occassionally blogs at and has his presentations archived at When he isn’t out looking for the next big thing in educational technology, he likes to disc golf, play Skyrim, and hang out with his lovely wife Rebecca.

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