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Personalized PD: The Game of Stories “RULES”

Syllabus 1.0

  1. Each player is dealt 4 cards because that is probably the number of times you have been able to use the restroom at school when you needed to this year.
  2. Play starts with the oldest player in the game due to their probable disadvantage with all this newfangled stuff.
  3. If it is your turn, you choose one of your cards that you want to hear stories about. Place it in front of you, and starting on your left, the other players will tell a story related to that topic. Hopefully good stories. Stories can be an experience the storyteller was part of, or they heard about, or they would like to happen. *You will notice lots of extra questions on each card. Do not feel like you have to include answers to all of them in each story. They are just there as prompts to help get you started.
  4. You choose whose story you like best (you decide the criteria because it is a PERSONALIZED game). Give the card to the player with the best story, and choose another card.

If it is your turn, the other  option you have if you think YOU have the best story related to one of your cards, is to challenge one other player to a head to head story challenge. This is called “Going 1 to 1.” The other players will vote to decide who earns the card. A tie goes in favor of the challenged player because, come on, they were put on the spot.

  1. Play moves clockwise. If you do not have 4 cards in your hand, after your turn add another card from the deck.
  2. Any time an Ace is played, every player has the opportunity to give one card to any other player.
  3. The first player to earn 4 cards is the winner. Every player except the winner chooses a topic or focus from any of the cards played during the game to research and learn more about for the future. You might want to take a picture of the card so you remember the topic. This is a huge commitment, so do not mess it up!
  4. Now play again (our students call these “retakes”) and share more good stories.
    Oops, we forgot to mention this before: Have fun! Enjoy your colleagues and their stories. Feel free to laugh often!
    Do not worry too much about the rules. Enjoy the conversation & learning. Let us all hear your stories by tweeting them and using #PPDStories

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