So, Tuesday the wifi wasn’t working too well. I may have been frustrated by that and disappointed that we couldn’t do any of the three things we planned for that day. Half-heartedly, and probably less than half honestly, I suggested that when I get angry about the first world problems I have, I think about those who aren’t concerned that they won’t have wifi today, but who are more concerned about whether or not their family will have dinner tonight. Flippantly I said we should stop complaining and buy those other people a goat. Students said, “What?”

To explain what I meant, I introduced them to Heifer International which is a charitable organization based on the premise that if you give livestock to families in extremely poor countries, they will benefit from the added nutrition and income from the milk and cheese produced, and maybe add to the viability of the whole village if two animals can get together, and make a baby animal that can be shared with another family.

Anyway, somebody said that we should really buy a goat. I said put your money where your mouth is. They have. In just a couple of hours Tuesday with little more than the explanation and the opportunity from me, students contributed $60. Half a goat! Wednesday they contributed another $22. And Thursday, they contributed another $22 so that we were only $16 away from buying a goat.

So I just thought you’d want to know. These students may not always be perfect, but when given the opportunity to help a family in a way they’ll never see, they stepped up. Those who could afford it gave something to someone they’ve never met, and never will. They won’t see the effect, but they have faith and hope that they are doing good in their little way. That’s pretty cool.

BTW: An administrator offered to kick in the rest. So either he will, or I will (or they will Friday). Maybe we should all buy a goat.

UPDATE: We bought a goat. A student came in Friday morning and asked how much we had to go until we bought a goat. I said $16. He said, “I want to pay it off.” I said really, that’s a lot of money? He said, “I don’t need it.” He continued on to say that he didn’t want to do it in class because then everybody would be like “he’s such a good guy and all that.” He just wanted to do it to complete the mission and make sure some other people get what they need. No fanfare or pat on the back needed. These people. These wonderful people bought a goat.