#personalizedPD at ISTE 2016 with @jbormann3

Personalized PD Slides as a Keynote     Personalized PD Slides as a PDF


Q1: Of the #personalizedPD that you’ve engaged in, what has had the largest/most significant impact on student learning?

Q2: How has traditional PD failed us? Has it beat down some Ts so they are conditioned to ignore learning opportunities? #personalizedPD

Q3: #personalizedPD is…simple,easy to manage,sustainable,intrinsically motivating. Which is most true. Tell a story or give an example?

Q4: What is your definition of “accountability”? Is it necessary in the process of learning? Necessary with respect to #personalizedPD?

Q5: Reflecting on @jbormann3’s model, how does this particular model promote growth mindset for teachers for #personalizedPD?

Q6: @jbormann3 #personalizedPD model promotes Ts focused on moving Ss from lower-levels to upper levels. What could this look like for you?

Q7: Give an example where you noticed a weakness in your classroom & worked to make it better? Where did you seek the #personalizedPD?