“The throwable microphone for audience engagement.”

I shared it recently at EdCamp Leader in Chicago, and presented with it at the Summer Spark 2015-09-24_2231Conference in Milwaukee. Everyone loved it and immediately started brainstorming about ideas on how they could use it.

As an educator who speaks at meetings, professional development days, and conferences I have a few pro-tips and best practices that I would suggest. If they fit in with how you present, I think they can be quite useful.

  • Use Catchbox to engage audiences and encourage members of the audience to speak and share ideas.
  • I like to actually use the Catchbox before I introduce it and explain what it is. I set it up ahead of time, and let the Catchbox sit on a nearby table until I want to use it. As I ask for audience participation I grab the Catchbox and say something like, “So who has something they want to share with the group?” It piques the audience’s interest and the conversation is ready to start. At this moment of peak engagement I explain what the Catchbox is, and then the conversation about our topic begins.
  • I like to model how to use it by being the first person to use it, then as their eyes get wider and they start thinking about how they could use this new tool, I throw it to somebody in the audience to be the next speaker and give the Catchbox a try.
  • Educators will volunteer to speak in a large group just so they can try the Catchbox. It gets the conversation started!
  • I like to have the audience members throw it to each other instead of throwing it back to me. That way they get the experience of both catching and throwing.
  • Have some fun with it, and make sure you know where to get the Catchbox and how much it costs because everyone will want one!