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So, Tuesday the wifi wasn’t working too well. I may have been frustrated by that and disappointed that we couldn’t do any of the three things we planned for that day. Half-heartedly, and probably less than half honestly, I suggested

FlipCon16 and #personalizedPD

Personalizing PD Flipcon 2016 Above are the visuals from my FlipCon16 presentation about personalized professional development. More information on any topic can be found in the personalized PD book. It is written by practicing educators for those who are also

#personalizedPD at ISTE 2016 with @jbormann3

Personalized PD Slides as a Keynote     Personalized PD Slides as a PDF Q1: Of the #personalizedPD that you’ve engaged in, what has had the largest/most significant impact on student learning? Q2: How has traditional PD failed us? Has it

Cake by the Ocean and Other Bad Ideas

My kids listen to weird music. They are 9 and 6 so mostly it’s their Mom’s fault (it’s one of the few bad influences she has on them, alone in a wide array of positive influences). So I asked my

The Shift Toward Personalized PD

I go to a lot of conferences, I show up at a lot of twitter chats, and I talk to a lot of people. I have to tell you that people everywhere are talking about how to make professional development

Stations and Iterations

A few years ago I needed a new way to teach the Executive Branch. I wanted students to read more about it, and show their learning more. I had to lay to rest a pretty good lecture (or is that

PersonalizedPD Session at #MACUL16

Attached to this post are the images from my session on “Personalized PD: Tools & Techniques” at MACUL16 in Grand Rapids, MI. Have a great day! Personalizing PD MACUL 2016 share

6. Energizing (The ‘E’ in CHOICE)*

The proof is not in the pudding, or the eating. It’s in whether or not I want to go out and make my own. After I’m part of professional development, I want to be energized and ready to go.  After

5. Collaborative (The ‘C’ in CHOICE)*

There should be opportunities for collaboration and sharing ideas, lessons, and applications. These can come in the form of teacher-led presentations and workshops. But they can also come in the form of individuals sharing their progress in small groups. It

4. Individualized (The ‘I’ in CHOICE)*

Wherever teachers start, the process should honor it. If that teacher needs guidance on why using a Google add-on might be a better process in her classroom, we should help with that. If that teacher needs to know where to